That’s the question the serenely golden Ann Romney, wife of former Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, asked herself while interviewed by the austere and patrician Maria Shriver in a sideways reference to Donald Trump. Sitting there, pretty in pink, sweet as pie and ladylike to the hilt, she managed to hit the nail with precision.  I think that’s exactly what most Conservative women and many Christians in leadership are asking themselves. I guess Mr. Trump offends their sensibilities because he says crude things. They assume that verbal insensitivity equals incompetence but it isn’t true.

Verbally Insensitive ≠ Incompetent

It’s prudish and superficial to judge a person primarily by his words. It shows how shallow we women can be as voters. (Not that men are always better.)
I’ve never been in the presence of Ann Romney, the Pope or Max Lucado (all people who have questioned Trump’s competence, even his Christianity based on what they consider his insensitivity) but I bet that if we were in a room together the air would smell of $100 an ounce French fragrance and that weird scent silk gives off when it’s been dry cleaned,  or I’m not the daughter of a Mexican seamstress.
These three refined, privileged, well educated people and others like them are diplomatic and creative with words. They have to be because that’s how they make their living, with words. Trump is also a privileged individual but he isn’t a preacher or a politician. He didn’t cruise on his dad’s wealth. He has made his way in the world by being tough and wily.
Since most women are conciliatory when they speak they assume that Trump -who isn’t, must be un-compassionate but if all they are looking at is the rhetoric, then they are judging on a surface level and not being very wise. If women are going to reject him at least they shouldn’t do it over words. There should be a deeper understanding because not everyone communicates well with words. Some people say all the wrong things but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t competent.
U.S. property mogul Trump holds a golf club during a media event on the sand dunes of the Menie estateObjectively speaking, Donald Trump is a rich old American guy who has come to the realization that he is more competent than most people in government today. He is a man who though he could comfortably spend his days golfing, has instead chosen to invest his fortune to promote himself for President, a job that will probably kill him and at the very least, is wasting at his personal fortune. Why would he do that? Some women say it’s that pesky male ego we’re always complaining about. Men. They want to be the big wheel.  The problem with that accusation is he already was. He’s been a big wheel since I was in grade school.
He had a TV show, he owed the Miss America franchise, he has real estate holdings all around the world, contracts with Macy’s, etc. and he’s risked and already lost some of that because he made himself vulnerable to political opinion. Why would he do that? I can’t be sure but judging from what I know about responsible men, he is deeply distressed and worried about you and me. He notices that a bunch of political radicals (e.g., President Obama and the lefties that love him), are more interested in instituting things like gay marriage than in protecting citizens from terrorism.
He sees pious right wingers (Senator Cruz, Ben Carson, Mitt Romney, et al.) promoting ideals that though they may be good, made it possible for Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s rise to power. So now we have an incompetent President Obama presiding over socializing American medicine (badly), instituting gay marriage (diverting attention from his scandals), travelling all over the world at huge expense, never missing an opportunity to try to shame Americans for being American.
It’s not that I don’t agree that Donald Trump can come across as a snot and I’m not saying that if he were President an angel would earn his wings.
Trump smashes through feminine sensibilities like a Humvee on tender grass and and he does it without using bad language. It could almost be called a talent, just ask Megyn Kelly or his friend Martha Stewart.
The Fox news correspondent darling and unhappy recipient of his ham fisted insults was described by him as “bleeding from wherever [with anger toward him].” This insult was widely interpreted to mean he was alluding to her private parts. Stewart was also publicly embarassed by him,  “[It was] so mean-spirited and reckless that I almost can’t believe my longtime friend Donald Trump wrote it,” she told Time magazine about his criticisms.
He insists he was referring to Kelly’s nose and he never responded to Stewart.  He peppers insults on politicians, friends and foes alike. He can be very shocking and he’s likely going to continue to say things that other people wouldn’t. You know what else he’s likely going to continue doing? He’s going to know how to negotiate business agreements. He’s going to know when legislators are making deals that don’t add up. He understands what signing on the dotted line means and how to earn a dollar. He isn’t going to put us down when he visits foreign countries. If we face foreign attack, he will know how to rally the troops. He will know how to rally us. What other candidate can claim any of that?
He’s also a family man, not a great one, he’s not father Abraham (who wasn’t perfect either) but his grown children are all respectable, contributing members of society. His first wife has been quoted saying “I think he would make an incredible president.”  His second wife called him sweet. His current wife is adoring. I know that’s a lot of wives but that’s not unusual among rich men. Poorer men, even Christian ones, even ministers, often have affairs or affairs of the heart or use porn. It’s the state of society. My point is, stupid, insensitive men don’t usually raise families with a united front. It is safe to conclude he is intelligent and possesses some sensitivity and since he is willing to sacrifice (he lost Macy’s for example), he cares.
Oh, I don’t mean he’s a great saint, although great saints are commonly very great sinners first but no, Trump doesn’t remind me very much of Christ. However neither do these pastors and priests who are publicly questioning if he is a true Christian. Jesus had zero problem being BFF with tax collectors, prostitutes and brutes (St. Peter, Samson). He came down most on self impressed pious types (priests, pastors). Furthermore, Jesus is a God of freedom and peace and he knows that Communism, sharia-law, Socialism, debt ridden nations busy with frivolous issues and lacking legal boundaries, all end up making people less free and less likely to be allowed to be Christian. Jesus hates it when people are not allowed to be Christian. It is his pet peeve. See the book of Exodus for confirmation, but I digress.
No. I mean he’s accomplished worldly goals very effectively. Trump owns impressive and varied business holdings and has done it consistently for decades. He also plays the censored and biased American media LIKE A FIDDLE. Those are things that no other presidential contender can say. He is not part of a political machine doing business as usual and there is hope in that.
There is some precedent in American presidential history for a man like Donald Trump. You may have heard about President Andrew Jackson, he is infamous for presiding over the Trail of Tears. What is less known about him today is that he was a political outsider put into office by common Americans who longed for a man of the people much like Trump is experiencing. However, unlike Trump, he wasn’t very good with finances. Another rebel president much loved by American’s of his time, was Teddy Roosevelt. teddyRoosevelt
Born a patrician gentleman who forced himself to become a Westerner, Roosevelt embodied the rough and tumble strength of the American male. This is the line of inheritance that Donald Trump would be following should he become President and should he lose he will be reflecting Jesse Jackson whose campaign for President in the 1980’s “exploded in the vacuum” of disenfranchised citizens. As Jackson wrote about himself in the Chicago Sun Times”while we didn’t win, we changed the agenda,” and that will also be a part of Trump’s legacy. Trump is impacting politics like few have before him and to dismiss him because he is a clumsy, crass speaker would be a frivolous thing to do.
We may dislike his manner of speaking but are we letting it blind us to the incontrovertible fact that he has managed to do very well despite and maybe even perhaps, because of it? Can it be that his male aggression actually, benefits him and others?
Everyone is free to vote as they like but this year presents women (men too of course) with a Scarlett O’Hara moment like I have never seen before.
Donald Trump believe it or not may be our Rhett Butler. He can be crude, he says vile things, he tells un-noble truths. He also can’t help but appreciate Scarlett and longs to make her feel safe. Scarlett being the U.S. in this scenario.
Scarlett though just as bad as Rhett looks down on him and longs for the romantic Ashley Wilkes (Rubio, Cruz, Carson, even Sanders), men who will die for their ideals but leave Scarlett stranded and hungry and forgotten at the mercy of queen Hillary Clinton, an oppressive and weak woman who didn’t even try to protect the American ambassador she had authority over in Benghazi.  She is not going to protect us either. It’s not even in her frame of reference.chris-stevens

Ambassador Stephens

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