Everybody has a story and this is mine, one of several because I’ve had more than one life.

It is hard to believe and I don’t think most Mexican’s understand, how oppressed they are by criminal activity. It’s something accepted as a fact of life that you can’t be free to exercise justice within Mexico. You can’t speak truth to power. Those in power will kill you.

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So the question that may arise is why do Mexicans who are oppressed in their own country, come here and protest in the U.S. against the U.S., but not Mexico? We see them in the streets of L.A., we see them in American universities but we rarely see such behavior coming out of Mexico. How come?

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In my opinion it’s because a) they can’t protest in Mexico b) the fonts of education/art/lit within Mexico are all primarily leftist and they teach the masses that Mexican’s are victims, not of corruption, but of the rich, white, upper classes who create corruption. So even if they did protest, they would protest against the upper classes. In other words, they believe that if American capitalists and the Mexican elite would disappear off the face of the Earth tomorrow everything would be A-OK.

I find that absurd. Not because there is no truth in it. I don’t doubt that rich people can be corrupt elitist who try to keep all power within their families. Of course many do. However, the reason they are able to get away with it is because the lower classes are self defeating. For freedom to be sustained it must first come from within.

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A person who knows their human worth, is hard working and moral can get far in life even in Mexico, despite its nepotism and certainly in the U.S. Just look at Barack Obama. Did he arise from an illustrious family? He almost fell out of the sky and rose to be president for eight entire, if excruciating, years. My paternal grandfather, Concepcion Barraza was an uneducated but scrupulously honest, hard working rancher made a good living during very hard times so I know it’s possible from experiences such as those.

The real reason we stay oppressed, and nobody talks about it, is because of our lack of clean living, which is an enslavement to our lower nature.

Don’t misunderstand me. Mexicans have very high standards of integrity. We value honor, correctness in speech, pride of place, sincerity and beauty. Beside that, our character is filled with fire. That is not an empty stereotype. It’s kind of funny really to feel that inside you. You wonder where it came from and worry about keeping it under control so you won’t be stereotyped. LOL.

It’s funny, but no question, people underestimate us Mexicans and assume all we can do is service jobs. Serving others is Christ-like and honorable but we’re not created to be servile and I shouldn’t have to say it, but we’re just as able as anybody, anywhere. However we stay oppressed because a) illegitimacy is common, b) divorce is common, c) we’re profligate/wasteful with our resources.

All of these things are true to some degree within me. I do have the advantage of having been raised to be a Protestant Baptist and that tempered me and taught me Democracy, rules of order, and to appreciate lower middle class “white” folk with country backgrounds who love Jesus. I have a country background. I love Jesus. Just like Blanche DuBois, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers and a great many of them were white.

So why am I telling you all this? I guess it’s because I hope it gives you insight into the illegal Mexican immigrant’s dilemma and why they are worthy of mercy in many cases especially because they are neighbors.


They’re really caught between these big corrupt drug cartels/governments (local and national) and the peasant mentality that has been encouraged by Catholic dogma (which doesn’t teach much Bible and participated in the feudal nightmare Mexicans formerly existed under), Marxist influence within the educated and lots of bad cohabitation habits, perhaps a remnant of enslaved and pagan Indian culture, drinking, drugs, not to mention centuries of feudalism (almost everybody was dirt poor except for a few¬†families called “hacendados” for hundreds of years) so that families can be extremely messy. Very messy, very scattered, though loving, kind and cultured.

So there you go, the Mexican plight through my eyes. Let me know what you think!

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