I can say from experience that, just like they say, a personal betrayal feels like having the rug pulled out from underneath you. When the deception comes from the institutions that give us information -our sources of news it’s much harder to accept, but accepting the truth is necessary for trusting and free relationships of all kinds. Jesus put it this way, “the truth will set you free.” Without established facts we can rely on, we’ll make choices that entangle us and that’s what the mainline media has been doing to us, entagling us in webs of lies and a proven example is how they handled the recent “March for our Lives” events.

The  “March for Our Lives,”  an anti-Constitutional nationwide event and its predecessor, the Student Walkout both protesting the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitutions and the laws that uphold it were a worldwide smokescreen propagated by the media.

Professional political agitators under the Women’s March organizational umbrella, ignited events when Nikolas Cruz, a deeply angry young man with a long record of suspicious behavior, killed 17 of his former school mates and professors on February 14, 2018 using an AK-47. This link holds a list of the deceased, may they rest in peace. Days after the shooting, the Women’s March flew into action, successfully organizing protest against American citizen’s constitutional right to bear arms. With the media’s collusion, and a one, two punch idea, they disguised their participation in the planning by selecting students from the school to front them. 

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Exaggerated, endlessly repeated, multi-faceted coverage of these events flooded our news sources all day on March 24 as you probably witnessed. Headlines like these flooded our news.

Published pictures of the events made the crowds look as large as possible to convince viewers that this was a populist movement. While it was true there were much too many people there, it was a lie that the crowds were the size that the Women’s March planned for. Reports that the size of the crowd were larger than those of the Inauguration of the president and as large as 800 thousand were repeated by the press all day. The numbers were deliberately exaggerated due in part to wishful thinking but since the discrepancy is so large, it could not have been accidental. When the corroborated numbers did come out to show that less than half of those expected at the march’s main event showed up, the media did not correct itself.

Permits taken for the march in Washington D.C., show there were plans for 500 thousand people to attend. Many news sources claimed there were possibly over 800 thousand people present. But  Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc (DDIS), a Virginia-based firm that uses a proprietary method for calculating crowd size using aerial photos, found that only about 200 thousand people were at the event. That’s a huge discrepancy.

  • That means that the turnout for the March for Our Lives main event in Washington D.C., was a huge disappointment to the organizers, not the triumph that the media reported.
  • It did not overshadow the crowds that were at President Trump’s inauguration as some supposed. However that didn’t stop Mashable’s Adam Rosenberg and dozens of others from reporting that about 800 thousand people were present, an absolute lie he got from both NBC News and the Women’s March. To give you an idea of how large the crowd was, take a look at the density of the litter left behind. Here is a link to the eye-witness account of what took place there from a fair, non radical perspective. 
  • 200 thousand in reality vs. 800 thousand claimed at the March for Our Lives, is too big a difference for it to have been a natural mistake but the news feeds have certainly not featured the true numbers like they did the fake ones.

Verifiable numbers were reported by CBS News and several small fair minded publications after the fact but the story has been buried under the news.

This New York Post’s headline and thousands of similar headlines from thousands of other publications of every kind, stated that the protests and school walkouts that took place, were planned by victim survivors when in fact all the plans were handled and initiated by the Women’s March, a far-left  conglomerate of professional political agitators.

Click here for a listing of Women’s March sponsors and here for a listing of celebrity contributors. Click here for information about the founder’s anti-Semitic leanings..

Yet the media made sure to deny it with deceiving headlines like:

Despite the impression the media has fostered, It was the Women’s March conglomerate that applied for the permit to use Pennsylvania Avenue for the supposed “March for our Lives,” after failing to get a permit to use the National Mall as they’d hoped in order to mock the Presidential inauguration, which they did anyway. Below is just one example of the dozens of fake news headlines that circulated for these events. This one was from Newswire Report.

It was the Women’s March cavalcade that corralled the

  • Celebrity sponsors, video performances, entertainers,
  • Speakers, microphones, auditory equipment
  • Porta potties, tents, displays, jumbotrons,
  • Coordinated with the media outlets
  • Vendors
  • Organized the students directly through their website and contacts.
  • Click here to see the permit application via PDF

This is a screenshot captured from an article in the Sentinel Times which verifies who the actual organizers were and how many people were planned for which can also be found on this link. Take note of the complexity of the plans.

Anybody who believes high school students who haven’t graduated yet, organized all this is gullible beyond belief. David Hogg, the student spokesperson for the movement was quoted by the Sentinel Times as saying, “’We don’t need people thinking she’s telling us what do to [referring to Deena Katz, the Women’s March representative who did the planning and directing], ’cause she’s not,’ adding… [that] details such as reserving medevac helicopters for the event and other logistics are being handled by those who have had prior experience with major events.”  

Right-o. David Hogg is claiming he and the students were calling the shots throughout the planning of the events though in fact everything was done for them.

Not only was the reasonably immature for a teenager David Hogg, not responsible for starting this movement, neither were the other students selected by the Women’s March.

Listen to his rant and you decide if David Hogg is a teenage mastermind.


Punch 2

Similarly, the coverage of the recent school walkouts on March 14 media slanted to make it appear the students were running and organizing the national event though the media knew it was a professional setup. 

A screenshot of the website the Women’s March used to garner students support is found here showing the demonstrations were planned by highly sophisticated propaganda machines, not students.

Furthermore, students who held conservative beliefs were not welcome. One of the student survivors of the shooting, Colton Haab, has accused CNN of refusing to allow him to air his views in a townhall meeting.

Clearly his pro-gun stance has made him persona non-grata to the media despite the fact that he heroically helped other students during the shooting and deserves coverage. 

Only students selected by the Women’s March got the lion’s share of media  attention. All were young people with anti-Constitutional agendas and pro-leftist ideologies. Does that sound like a collegiate movement to you? It’s obvious these kids did not mastermind national school walkouts or world wide participation by the Internet but that is what the media is selling us. Despite there being plenty of propaganda experts involved in these events as you can see for yourself in this link.

So why did they deceive us? Why would the media collude with a cavalcade of political agitators? Mostly because they’re self-deceived themselves and invested in these movements for their own reasons and can’t help but push a narrative they support.

If you are among those that realize that the media is lying to us, I want to encourage you.

  • The Women’s March organizers lost 50% of their anticipated participation in D.C.
  • If you stood your ground against them YOU WERE PART OF THAT.
  • They are planning another protest on April 20. Don’t let them catch you unaware of the collusion between them and the leftist media.
  • Keep sharing, keep talking, keep standing tall.
  • Protect your social media accounts from infiltration by adding privacy features. In fact, I suggest you not use your personal Facebook profile to promote political matters. Join like-minded groups or Twitter, a more natural forum for debate and discuss your views there.

The facts are clear, the media hyped these two events and misinformed the public about the origins of the protests but many people are loath to believe it and I know the feeling. Years ago, I received a phone call from a strange woman asking me why my number was showing up on her fiance’s cell phone record.

I had been romantically involved with the man in question for over ten years! We had been inseparable in college, knew each others friends and families and yet here was a strange woman telling me out of the blue that she was engaged to him. Even today I have a hard time getting my head around his two timing. It was a hard thing to accept. Could that be why so many American people are being deceived? Why can’t they accept the truth? What do they have to lose? What do you say?









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