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I guess President Trump just invented a machine that separates illegal immigrant children from their parents at the Mexican border. Using pincers it grabs the family members one at a time, putting the parents in a “go to Mexico pile,” while putting the kids “on the streets of Laredo.” The children are given a seeing-eye rabbit and an ice cream.

Of course that’s not true but surely something novel must have happened because, once again, instead of talking about real news, like how the FBI showed illegal favor toward the Clinton campaign, the media, in one united voice, is hyperventilating nonstop about how, all by himself, Mr Trump has invented separating children from parents at the Mexico border.

Funny, but I seem to remember that children were separated from families because of illegal immigration for generations and the Obama years made it much worse as this story by Shadowproof.com illustrates.

As does this PBS documentary which both accuses the Obama administration of breaking his campaign promise and exonerates him by claiming evil Republican monsters tied his hands.

Strange how Mr Obama managed to ruin healthcare by passing massive legislation, yet somehow for all his ballyhooed brilliance he just couldn’t do anything for illegal immigrants except separate their families. It surely wasn’t his fault though. LOL. Well, I have to laugh or I would cry. These are my people. I live this and it will always be part of who I am because I too was smuggled into the U.S. as a baby in the 1970’s.

From what I remember, deportation was always a treacherous process. What was always a tear jerking, terrifying effort (on both sides) actually only got worse under the Obama administration.  The picture of children incarcerated behind wire was taken in 2014, during the Obama years. Oddly, that picture did not make the headlines when it was taken or associated with Mr Obama but instead with Mr Trump today. Isn’t that strange?

Here are some highlight from the history of the Obama administration’s separating illegal immigrant families:

Obama Year 2008

Under the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP), or Lateral Repatriation, men/fathers were sent into strange places in Mexico far from their homes, leaving behind their children, in foster care if there was no mother or incarcerated if there was. The separation of families was considered necessary. This quote from No More Deaths which advocates for illegal immigrants put together a fact sheet explaining the process writing that “very often, families are separated and sent to cities far away from each other. They are never told where to find their loved ones, and humanitarian organizations often have to go through the Mexican Consulate to get information about family members.” The mainstream news either lavished praise on ATEP for it’s humanitarianism or protected the Obama administration by not mentioning their involvement. There was no concerted outcry about the separation of children from their father’s arms by the media at the time.

Obama Years through 2013

PBS fully documented that the Obama immigration machine was deporting parents and putting their children in detention and foster care here- https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/study-5100-kids-in-foster-care-after-parents-deported/. The mainline media did not bat an eye. Why would anybody trust them to tell the truth now?

Children were regularly torn from their parents arms to the tune of “An estimated 660,000 children – 150,000 last year alone [year 2012]– have been separated from one parent or both by our nation’s heartless detain-and-deport immigration laws. According to a report by the National Council of La Raza and the Urban Institute, the majority of these children are under age 10—many are infants, toddlers and preschoolers.”

So, these kinds of complaints against the immigration system are nothing new but somehow, suddenly the media is going rabid over the Trump administration’s efforts to stop the need for deportation? Take note that these separations were arduous and lasted for years and the mainline media was silently until now.

Obama Year 2014, March

The Nation published headlines about the enormous rise in deportations and thus the INEVITABLE abandonment of children during the Obama years but it was not trumpeted on television nonstop. The fate of those children varied widely but the number of children affected was much greater than in my day and for MUCH LONGER PERIODS than for those Mr Trump is imposing.

“On a typical day, [during the Obama years] there are over 30,000 immigrants imprisoned in the world’s largest immigration detention system. Most deportees never see an attorney or have a hearing before a judge before they are expelled from the country. Deportation carries a high price for families and communities across America: one-quarter of all deportees are separated from their US citizen children and countless others from spouses and other family members.”

Obama Year 2014 – June The Letter

Mr Obama wrote the American public a letter published on June 30 of 2014.  The letter read “… we have seen a significant rise in apprehensions and processing of children and individuals from Central America…The DHS is working to secure additional space [already the largest on earth] …for detention of adults with children.”

Obama Year 2014 – July The Imploration

A month later he asked for $3.7 Billion to meet the need. It’s just money right? Did Obama’s effort work? Was there a slowdown in illegal immigration after this? His administration claimed it helped.

Obama Year 2016 – Huge Spikes of Minors

However, two years later in 2016 he was dealing with huge spikes of minors coming to the U.S . in droves in response to his catch and release approach to minors.

So why did Mr Obama fail to curtain illegal immigration?

  1. One reason was his permissive tone. He didn’t convince anyone he was tough on crime. He employed a catch and release method for most first time offenders once the system backlogged. For example, “Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told Congress that … illegal immigrants…have learned that by claiming they came before 2014 — without even needing to show proof — they can be released immediately rather than being arrested.”
  2. The second was the expansion of the Flores -vs- Meese settlement attorney general Janet Reno reached with the ACLU. The following is part of a statement released by then Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson regarding that case. The same case is probably blocking Trump efforts to bring order.

According to the NY Times, “minors… from [far away countries] must be transferred within 72 hours to the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services, and placed in the least restrictive setting possible. And the Flores ruling meant that children and families could not be held for more than 20 days.” Naturally, that encouraged drug runner to send minor complicit teenagers or adults with children from Central America to try to enter the U.S. en mass, causing the spikes in illegal entry of minors to the U.S.

I hope all this evidence has served to convince you that the problems of illegal immigrant minors being separated from adults and used by them in the deportation chain of event is old hat. 

And yet, suddenly, in a rash of crocodile tears the media has become aware children are often separated from their illegal immigrant parents just in time to denigrate President Trump for it.  Newsbusters.org reported on the news phenomena but it will undoubtedly be discounted by the same Democratic propaganda machine that reports the news.

This hatred the media has toward Mr Trump is unhinged and unwarranted. The mad howling accusations of racism by the press directed toward Republicans is repugnant to me. Republican President Ronald Reagan’s executive order granted me both citizenship and amnesty (may he rest in glory and may he be remembered forever, his children blessed).

The executive action that President took UNITED 100,000 families including mine and it was preceded by the legislative branches approving the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) which allowed 2.7 MILLION undocumented immigrants to become citizens, including my mother which is how the two actions legally united my family.

Please take a moment to watch the historic signing by the jovial Mr Reagan, of the IRCA legislation on November 6, 1986 in the pink Roosevelt room. The legislation which saved my bacon, came later in 1987 and I remember seeing President Reagan’s handsome face pictured on the wall when I took my oath of citizenship at the Los Angeles convention center some time later.  To celebrate, my mom and I went out to eat Salvadoran pupusas with a soda at what I recall was a bright yellow run down shack nearby. If you haven’t tried pupusas, you should. I suggest starting with the cheese flavored ones and don’t forget the spicy cabbage salad and hot sauce. It makes all the difference.


Later in the ’90s, the also Republican President George Bush Senior, (whose memory was recently attacked by an evil leftist university professor who should have been fired for insubordination and lack of good sense but wasn’t) and never given praise by the professional political agitators that run the universities and media, signed legislation that protected 40% of the illegal immigrant population in the U.S. at the time from deportation. So much for the myth of evil white male republican. Listen to two Republicans of the time debate and hear the love in their hearts for Latin Americans, particularly for our neighboring Mexico. Don’t believe the drivel the media and universities dish out. Neo Marxist have contempt for humanity and suppress the free dissemination of ideas for their own ends. They want to control the narrative. Don’t let them. Gather news from a wide net of sources and test them for reliability. Ask yourself , “does what they say pan out?” As you can see from my first hand experience, my use of varied sources and the obvious results of the Obama year’s policies (everything got worse), the media is feeding us a false narrative trying to paint conservatives as haters. It’s ridiculous. Look at the facts.


Republicans of all colors have been the saving grace of millions of illegal immigrants, refugees, and communist dissenters all over the world because they have given us opportunity and legal commitment, not rhetoric.  Mr Obama gave the Dreamers broken dreams. He put them in databases so that they can’t escape the injustice of their situation and left them dreaming.

Dreamers if you’re reading this, listen to me. Do not go to bed with someone who won’t make a legal contract and who you don’t love. The ring matters. Siding with the left is a losing proposition. Look at the condition they’ve left black people in and look at how well Asians do without their favor. Asians thrive even when discriminated against by leftist ideologies and you can too. If you don’t love the way this country is run, then leave. We have enough unhappy people here already.  Even Jennifer Lopez, who has been married many times, knows that sacrifice is the highest form of love.


A friend asked me “why?” Why would the media collude and spread innuendo? My best guess is money and power. They are somehow invested in the Democratic machine’s work and profit from it. Could it be the mainline press is owed by a globalist cabal?

For example, did you know that the man who owns most of Mexico’s private industry, Carlos Slim Helú, is the largest stakeholder of the New York Times? True story. Nothing personal against Mr Slim though it’s a little funny that he manufactured the Obamaphone.  Billionaire pharmaceutical investor Patrick Soon Shiong owns the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Union-Tribune along with many other California community newspapers. Think about that. Two people own most of the printed press in the most influential parts of the country. How hard would it be for them to collaborate? The mainline media is owned by a cabal of global investors and they’re in bed with Democrats and many Republicans. The trouble they’re having now is that Mr Trump is an outsider they can’t control. He doesn’t belong to them.

People with global authority tend to see people as numbers, like cattle. Borders don’t mean much to them. They take money from everyone and the world is their oyster. Are you beginning to see the light? Free, independent, competing countries are a threat to their manacles.

That’s one of the reasons competing entities, separation of powers and borders are necessary in this world. When you centralize power too well, you produce a panacea for domination by puppet tyrants who only give lip service to human value like the media only decided to do WHEN IT HELPED THEM PUSH THEIR AGENDA. They only raised the alarm over illegal immigrant children being caged and separated from their parents when it benefited them. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let the media separate you or make you turn on your legally elected president BUT do insist that he stay consistent.

Personally, I ask for mercy on my people.

  • I do ask that the Trump administration respond with mercy on illegal immigrant children no matter who brought them here but I don’t mean Central American teenagers which the Flores agreement is protecting from deportation. A teenager can be complicit in criminal behavior and if they found a way to travel half way across the world by themselves, they should be deported promptly.
  • It is an injustice for dreamers to be left in the lurch after so many years and they are worthy of mercy.
  • It is right for illegal immigrants from neighboring countries to be treated with special merit despite what the Trump administration has stated. We don’t need a bad relationship with people across the border.  Also, we have an intimate though tumultuous history with Mexico that deserves respect AND it’s people mercy. It is a fact that Mexico has become a playground for murderous drug rings. We share responsibility for that. We consume most of the illegal drugs Mexico produces and it has corrupted that country.
  • Time to get rid of the Flores agreement in my opinion, it’s a hindrance.  I have the worst memories of Attorney General Janet Reno who served under President Clinton. She forcibly returned little Elian Gonzales to Fidel Castro for crying out loud. How can a rash decision she made in the Flores case still be in place today? I don’t have to be a lawyer to see from the preamble of the case that she was motivated to avoid litigation but in fact, it seems to be the main reason the entire country can’t control it’s borders. Here is an excerpt from that agreement:

I conclude with a great campaign speech by President Trump where he outlined the very real threat his efforts pose to the globalist investor cabal that owns the media and the reason why they work together to topple his presidency. Enjoy.


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