Hi, I'm Cynthia Alsup

I was born on Mexican soil and grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA where I soaked up enormous amounts of sunshine and freedom, more that I ever could have in my native country, beautiful as it is. I'm the mother of two children and I want them and all people to live in an America that is as safe and free as I experienced it . Free from government tyranny and free from violent criminal behavior so we can roam and enjoy what is available in peace.

The Plight of the Mexican Illegal

    Everybody has a story and this is mine, one of several because I’ve had more than one life. It is hard to believe and I don’t think most Mexican’s understand, how oppressed they are by criminal activity. It’s something accepted as a fact of life that you can’t be free to exercise justice […]

“How can we have someone – that is calling people bad names – be the leader of the free world?”  That’s the question the serenely golden Ann Romney, wife of former Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, asked herself while interviewed...